• Stummfilm
    Stummfilm is a website where you can watch German silent films for free and with no ads!

    Created with: HTML SCSS JavaScript
  • Library Manager
    Simple Vue application for managing book collection with categories, ISBN support, search by titles and autors etc.

    Created with: HTML CSS BEM JavaScript Vue Vuex Vue Router Webpack
  • Plant Protection
    Free platform where you can learn agronomy and other natural sciences.

    Created with: HTML SCSS Bootstrap JavaScript TypeScript MathJax PowerShell
  • Unit Converter
    Simple SPA written using React to convert measures.

    Created with: HTML CSS React
  • Lumen Programming Language
    Lumen is a hight-level functional programming language for .NET Framework.

    Created with: C# .NET
  • Tomen
    Tomen is an open source library that allows you to work easily with TOML files directly in your .NET Core/.NET Framework application.

    Created with: C# .NET


Programming Languages: C# PascalABC.NET Python 3 PHP 7
Basic Frontend: HTML 5 CSS 3 JavaScript
HTML Preprocessors: HAML Blade
CSS Preprocessors: SASS/SCSS
CSS Frameworks: Bootstrap PureCSS MDL
JS Preprocessors: TypeScript CoffeeScript
JS Frameworks: React/Redux Vue 2/Vue 3/Vuex/Vue Router
JS Libraries: jQuery MathJax tsyringe
Bundlers and Task Runners: Webpack Gulp
Static Site Generators: Jekyll
Graphic Editors: Figma Adobe Illustrator
Languages: English Intermediate Deutsch Elementary
Other: BEM Git GitLab CI/CD Docker npm Windows Forms